The Idea

Humans have something that no other animal has.

The Idea.

The ability to create something intangible, that simply is not there.

And whilst DNA is passed down from parent to son,

Causing life-changing transformations across generations.

Ideas have the power to create momental change across a single lifetime.

Which is why we go to university, undergo training, engage in debate.

We are taught how to think in a way that can be important.

We are taught to think about important things.

So start questioning.

Start learning.

Start living.

Three ideas that are important to me

  1. Limitations are perceptions.
    You are in control of your life. It’s up to you to change yourself, to start making good habits and organising your life. Stop looking for the one and start becoming the one. When you’re so obsessed with searching, you miss out on what is in front of you. You miss out on being your best self. But your best self is far greater than you believe for your very beliefs about yourself are your own self-imposed limitations of who you can become. What if you were to allow yourself, for just one minute, to think about what you could be, if you invested the time, made the right contacts, cut the crap out of your life. You truly don’t realise how much more you are capable of. Don’t live in your comfort zone.
  2. Habits are everything.
    Do you want to own the day? Start by owning the morning. Create morning rituals and routines. Examine how you spend your morning. Do you spend three hours preparing for the day? Is that productive? Your habits determine what you do. They are the oars to the boat that is your life — they determine whether you move forward or not, whether you make progress or stagnate or regress. Of course, there is the rudder that is your goal and direction, but it is the habits that get you to where you want to be. Set a direction and paddle towards it single-mindedly. What is that you want to do? What kind of pain are you prepared to bear? What struggle do you want? Okay, you don’t know. Set a direction anyway and move towards it. For there will never be clarity, not before, not now, not after. You only realise whether something was a good decision after you’ve done it. You are what you repeatedly do, what you repeatedly focus on, so cultivate good habits, focus on the process, and you can cultivate the kind of life you want. It is the cultivation of habits that reminds you that you are at the steering wheel. Excellence, with each sentence typed, each footstep stepped, each ball shot, is in our control. Each moment you have a choice. You are in control. Never forget that.
  3. Friendships are necessary to survive.
    Breakups suck. And you forget that. You forget the sheer amount of pain that you feel. Is something wrong with me? The feelings of doubt as you regret your decision to move from the comfort of a relationship to unchartered and uncertain territory. Will I ever love again? Will I ever meet someone that understands me like they did? The feelings of jealousy, a sharp pain in your heart and a throbbing in your throat. Was I not good enough? Am I not good enough? Yet despite the pain, the rejection that is inevitable in life. Despite the cost inherently associated with relationships and friendship, whether psychological or material. Friendships and relationships are not only necessary to survive but provide the framework and foundations for a fulfilling life. It is in friendships that the ordinary can be enjoyed — laughing at a robin bouncing in the snow. Enjoying the warmth of a tea just brewed or a show just watched. It is because living with friends and people around you lets us live with others and not just by ourselves. After all, is there sound if there is no one to hear it? It is through friends and others that we can express ourselves, our interests, our love for the world and others. It is through friendship that we can confide our secrets, our bad habits, our dislikes and stories. It is with friends that we can grow, that we can sustain the difficult pace of work and toil. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to far, go with a team.




Mathematician | Writer and Content Creator for the University of Nottingham | Self & Personal Development. How can we get unstuck and achieve our goals?

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Mathematician | Writer and Content Creator for the University of Nottingham | Self & Personal Development. How can we get unstuck and achieve our goals?

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